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  E-newsletter #163 Friday 8th September 2023  
  Hello Visitor,

A brilliant first week!

It feels great to be back! Throughout the first week, I've seen smiling children come through the school gates, pleased to be here and happy to see their friends and teachers. In every classroom, the atmosphere is productive, calm and full of excitement - children from Reception to Year 6 and everything in between are engaged by the imaginative learning opportunities their teachers have prepared for them. On the playground, children are cooperating and playing together - older children are looking after younger children and conversations over lunch are friendly and full of laughter. Children were impeccably behaved as they celebrated their summer achivements in Friday's assembly. It really has been quite a week.  

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SEN & Pastoral Support

On the school website, you will find a section called SEN & Pastoral Support.

As well as the statutory SEN Information Report, this part of the website includes links to a number of national and local organisations and services that offer support to families and children on a wide range of issues. Many of the services, helplines and resources are free of charge and some, like Service Six and SEND Support Services, accept direct parent referrals. I would recommend that you make use of the links on the website to access appropriate support. All manner of themes are covered, from diet and sleep to anxiety and managing conflict - school will happily signpost and work alongside families to ensure that they get the help that they need.

Volunteers In School

It is wonderful that so many of you are keen to vounteer your time to support both in school and on trips. 

Although DBS certificates do not expire, the school's DBS Policy requires volunteers to have a DBS certificate which must then be renewed annually via the DBS Update Service. This is a very simple and painless process which is explained in more detail in the Protocol for Volunteers in School. Volunteers should also read the Safeguarding: Visitors' Guide before beginning work in school. 

As per the Protocol for Volunteers in School, the first steps to getting a DBS certificate are to discuss your intention to volunteer with a member of school staff and to then approach the school office to get the process underway. 

Many thanks again for your continued support.

Attendance Policy

As reported back in January (E-newsletter 146), the school's Attendance Policy was updated following a meeting with the Local Authority's Education and Inclusion Partnership Team (EIPT).

It is worth emphasising the following updated sections of the school's Policy which relate to unauthorised absences and Fixed Penalty Notices. Worth also bearing in mind that where the guidance refers to a 'session' this is equivalent to half a school day.

On advice from NCC’s Education and Inclusion Partnership (EIP) team, the school will report to them any incidences where a child has accumulated a minimum of 10 sessions of unauthorised absence in any 6 week period, whether that is 10 consecutive unauthorised absences or irregular attendance over a six week period totalling 10 unauthorised sessions. The EIP will then apply their Fixed Penalty Code of Conduct, a copy of which is available on the school website in the Policies section.

Consistent with NNC’s Attendance and Enforcement Policy, where a child has had 2 periods of unauthorised leave for which the parent has been issued with a Penalty Notice, on the third occasion, no PN will be issued and that parent will be prosecuted under S444(1) as long as parent was warned that this would happen.

This updated Policy was approved by Governors and is effective from September 2023.

You can read the school's attendance policy here

Reception and Year 6 Height & Weight Check Information

The School Nurses will visit our school on September 30th to carry out height and weight checks on pupils in Reception and Year 6. The NHS assume your consent for the checks and so please do familiarise yourself with the 2 hyperlinked documents below so that you can make an informed choice and opt-out if you do not wish your child to participate. 

If you are happy for your child to be measured, you do not need to do anything.

The school has no preference as to whether you choose to opt-out or not, it is merely facilitating an NHS programme. If you do not want your child’s height and weight to be checked, please contact the School Nurse team by Tuesday 19th September using the email address  

if you have any questions, feel free to contact me or the School Nurse Team via the contact details on the letter.

Reception and Year 6 Height and Weight Check Letter

Reception and Year 6 Height and Weight Check Leaflet


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